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Community Development Facilitation

Community development is a process for building and investing in successul and sustainable Aboriginal governance and communities. Initiatives for community development need to be community-driven and should focus efforts towards the health and well-being, and economic prosperity of Aboriginal Peoples.

Bridging the gap between Aboriginal communities and non-Aboriginal organizations is a proven path to successfully building bridges within the broader Canadian society.  The development of suitable agreements and partnerships between Indigenous Peoples and businesses in Canada should lead to mutually beneficial results for all parties.  

Community development is a strong focus of Bridging Innovations role in support of Aboriginal People, both by addressing their immediate needs and helping them achieve their plans for healthy and dynamic communities. Community development and capacity building activities are carried out  to effectively achieve community political, social, and economic  goals, including:
    • Governance development and policy development
    • Financial management
    • Human resource management
    • Economic development
    • Business development
    • Partnership development

Bridging Innovations owner Bob Miller has worked as a Co-Manager of an Indian Band and he chaired tribal council leadership meetings. Bob facilitated numerous business workshops in First Nation communities, and acted as executive director of a First Nations Friendship Centre. Bob understands the challenges facing Aboriginal communities and is committed to assisting them to move towards self-determination and increased social and economic self-sufficiency.

Bridging Innovations delivers outstanding Indigenous relations facilitation services for Canada’s corporate sector, and does so with a purpose of continually improving community development within Indigenous communities.

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