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Strategic Planning for Businesses and Aboriginal Communities

Strategic planning is a process that demands significant thought and expertise. In the absence of a thorough plan, businesses are, in effect, moving along without a full tool box, often leading to unexpected and unplanned challenges as a result.

At Bridging Innovations, owner Bob Miller has extensive knowledge and experience in creating effective and meaningful strategic plans. He has demonstrated strategic planning skills in all phases, including development of mission, vision, values, goals and strategy statements as well as in action planning, tracking, monitoring, measuring, reporting and updating.

Bob has carried out the development of strategic plans for various organizations that deliver services in safety, security, building maintenance, workforce accommodations and mining.

He has also facilitated development of strategic plans and action plans for a number of First Nation communities, departments, development corporations and businesses as well as a First Nation tribal economic development company. Bob has facilitated numerous workshops where First Nation participants received training on forestry and land use planning and developed long-range strategic plans over their traditional territories. Through Bridging Innovations, Bob continues to work with Indigenous communities  and provides a bridge to assist them in successfully working with non-Indigenous partners in a manner that is mutually beneficial.

Bridging Innovations clients benefit from Bob’s ability to bring about innovative and practical results that are customized for each client. Strategic planning is an important component of the work Bob does for both communities and organizations. He is also dedicated to helping improve governance through such means as strategic planning, policy development, capacity building and communications.

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