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Bob Miller's History as a PAR Committed Consultant

Bridging Innovations Inc. is a management consulting service located in Kamloops, BC, that specializes in helping industry and business clients in Canada  to improve Indigenous relations. 

Bob Miller is the president of Bridging Innovations and a former independent Verifier for the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). PAR companies recognize the importance of Aboriginal prosperity and participation in the Canadian economy. 

What is the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business?

The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business is a national non-profit organization that facilitates sustainable relations between companies in Canada and Aboriginal peoples in respect to best practices, economic sustainability and recognition of Aboriginal business success.

What is Progressive Aboriginal Relations?

PAR is an online management and reporting program that provides a framework for companies to track and measure performance in regard to Aboriginal relations. 

Two Levels of PAR

    • There are two levels of PAR participation available for CCAB members who want to strengthen their performance in Aboriginal relations and promote their success and commitment using the PAR program and logo for marketing and branding  

    • PAR Committed - Participants at this introductory level submit their online report to CCAB for high level feedback from PAR Verifiers. The Verifiers evaluate the company PAR submissions with recommendations to upgrade their readiness for certification. Companies can progress to the PAR Certified level which provides the highest level of assurance to the Aboriginal community

Some of the benefits for Aboriginal communities that establish relationships with PAR companies are:

    • Increased employment opportunities;

    • Increased education, training and capacity development opportunities;

    • Business development including contracting and supplier opportunities;

    • Creating joint ventures and partnerships;

    • Investment in Aboriginal communities, including scholarships and apprenticeships;

Benefits for PAR company's establishing relationships with Aboriginal communities include:

    • Public demonstration of the company's commitment to progressive Aboriginal relations;

    • Access to a local, fast growing and comparatively young labour market;

    • Detailed PAR Verifier feedback from the online submission review, along with company and community stakeholder interviews;

    • Use of the PAR logo;

Bob Miller has the most relevant PAR expertise in Canada and works with many  companies and organizations to establish successful PAR programs, delivering significant mutually beneficial results for those involved.

To learn more about Bridging Innovations and the important work being done to improve Aboriginal relations, contact Bob at or call (250) 376-6663.

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