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Bridging Innovations Vision & Values Statement

Bridging Innovations Inc. is built on the vision of founder and president Bob Miller. By applying his unique skill-set, in-depth experience, knowledge, and personal heritage, Bridging Innovations focuses on bridging the gap between Indigenous Peoples and industry. His consulting company often acts as a liaison between all parties, providing community and organizational solutions. As such, his vision is to provide services that benefit all parties involved, from First Nations communities to government agencies,  private businesses and beyond.

    1. VISION

Establish a leading consulting company that successfully bridges the gap between the corporate sector in Canada and Indigenous communities and organizations for the mutual benefit of all.

    2. VALUES

Values are described as commonly held beliefs that guide the behavior and decision making of Bob Miller, owner and president of Bridging Innovations Inc. and are listed as follows:

Integrity – Being honest & doing things right
Leadership – Facilitates successful project teams
Relationships – Built on trust & respect
Transparency – Being open & doing what you say

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