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PAR Certified Consultant

Bridging Innovations Inc. is a management consulting service located in Kamloops, BC, that specializes in helping industry and business clients in Canada. 

Bob Miller is the president of Bridging Innovations and a former Verifier for the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. 

PAR is a certification program that confirms corporate performance in Aboriginal relations at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Certified companies promote their level with a PAR logo signalling to communities that they are:

    • good business partners

    • great places to work

    • committed to prosperity in Aboriginal communities

Since the program’s introduction in 2001, PAR remains the premier corporate social responsibility program with an emphasis on Aboriginal relations.

PAR Certified

This level of participation offers companies the opportunity to provide the highest level of assurance to all of its stakeholders that it is invested in Aboriginal relations.  At this level 

independent PAR Verifiers review company reports and confirm performance and outcomes through interviews with company and Aboriginal stakeholder representatives. The Verifier submits a report to a PAR Jury composed of knowledgeable Aboriginal business people who award companies with PAR standing at the Bronze, Silver, or Gold level.

The Four 4 PAR Pillars

This includes Leadership, Employment, Business Development, and Community Relationships which provide a foundation for the PAR program, and represent the core components to successful positive business relations with the Aboriginal community.

PAR Certification has Competitive Advantage

    • PAR certification is a competitive advantage in establishing a company’s reputation in CSR.  

    • PAR Certified companies are leading corporate citizens that have proven the business case for sustainable Aboriginal relations

    • PAR Certification differentiates an organization from its competitors

Use of PAR logo

PAR companies can raise their profile, and promote their Aboriginal relations success with the use of the PAR logo through mediums such as: 

        ◦ Company promotional materials, including recruitment, and marketing materials

        ◦ Company website and providing links to CCAB’s PAR webpage

        ◦ Business cards

        ◦ Company letterhead and email signature

        ◦ Promotional items distributed at Aboriginal tradeshows

For six years, Bob Miller worked as an approved, independent PAR Verifier, helping to identify and recognize companies that are dedicated to maintaining positive relationships with Indigenous peoples. Bob is now a PAR consultant working with companies in  Canada  in regard to Indigenous relations.  

As a PAR consultant, Bob Miller works with companies that are conducting exceptional Aboriginal relations practices. He has firsthand experience and knowledge of what it takes to build and maintain successful working relationships with Aboriginal communities. Bob consults with major natural resource companies, including those in the oil, gas, forestry and mining industries. He also conducts work for government corporations as well as a large variety of businesses, including those in the fields of technology, security, building maintenance, workforce accommodations and industry service companies.

Bob Miller has the most relevant PAR expertise in Canada and works with many  companies and organizations to establish successful PAR programs, delivering significant mutually beneficial results for the corporate sector and Indigenous peoples. 

To obtain more about Bridging Innovations and the important work being done to improve Indigenous relations, contact Bob at or call (250) 376-6663.

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